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'Mine' is an ode to the beauty of the sponge animal.

The fragile skeleton of this animal is so small that it fits on your hand. It is of immense beauty. It comes from a fragile ecosystem, which is threatened by global warming, acidification and mining. The animal lives in the deep-sea, about a kilometer below sea level.


Now that the treasures of the deep-sea becomes accessible, the inquisitive human takes a close look at the area. Everything down there is listed and provided with an estimate value. Can one weigh the interest of ecological values against economic profit?


At the same time, no rules and laws apply in the deep-sea.  There is no owner, no manager. Can one claim the deep-sea?



De Profundis
installatie van Marian Smit en Quub
Beelden in Gees

Co-operation with Marian Smit :

When Marian and Quub meet, Quub is working on 'Mine'.
This sculpture immediately appeals to Marian: the subject, the form, the material. She has in mind to make a video because she is not a sculptor, but makes video installations that are also spatial. The work 'Mine' invites to project on / through. A better connection is actually not conceivable.
In a number of conversations they elaborate the idea: the sea is a literal connection between the residences of both artists. The deep sea as a source of life, the enormous dark space reminiscent of the collective consciousness and the 'primordial' form of Quub's work quickly evoke in Marian the image of a baby, the feeling that babies always give her, that they know the essence of existence, something that we lose during our lives. A baby as the beginning of life, the fact that we grow in water for the first 9 months. For Quub, the baby embodies future generations who will also live on our earth.
The projection creates a shadow that fits beautifully in terms of content: our way of life casts a shadow ahead.
The projection forms a deep, poetic connection between the two artworks.


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